We are now able to store wine & spirits on behalf of clients at Octavian’s underground facility in Corsham.

Octavian Corsham is arguably the best fine wine storage available in the UK – converted from a former mine, it was first a munitions depot and has been storing fine wine for over 25 years. The cellars are located 100 feet beneath the hills of Wiltshire, encased in solid Bath stone. This gives a naturally balanced environment ideal for the cellarage of fine wine. Here, perfect temperature is a constant, and humidity is controlled at the optimum level. There is no natural light, vibration is non-existent and fresh air quality is maintained at all time.

This facility is only for the storage of wine purchased from Appellations – at the current time we will not be storing wine purchased from other merchants.

Charges are as follows, and will be billed in arrears every 6 months (December & June)

4.5L case

£5/annum & VAT
  • 6x75cl, 3x150cl, etc

9L case

£10/annum & VAT
  • 12x75cl, 6x150cl, etc